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Youtube Channels That Are Keeping Me Sane

As a college student, YouTube videos have helped tremendously in bridging the gap in my academics. There are so many moments in my college life when I was completely stuck and needed help. Thankfully, YouTube was always there to teach me what my professors never did.

Probably one of the most accurate representations of college in a nutshell. (Meme sourced from @dankalexie on instagram)

Besides watching YouTube to cram for my examinations the day before, I spend a lot of time watching videos to relax too. Before introducing the channels that I love, let me talk about what type of content I watch. I love watching videos about history, how things work, and trivia. I know the categories may sound boring and dull, but I love gaining new knowledge. I prefer watching videos as opposed to reading because I find it easier to understand information from videos. To me, knowledge is power and it is important to remain informed about issues in the world.

As a 20-year-old female, I also love to watch videos regarding fashion. I love watching YouTubers do haul videos and review the items that they have purchased. Yo girl cannot spend $800 on clothes every month without a sugar daddy.

I am still waiting for the day where I purchase items without looking at its price tag. (Meme sourced from https://www.reddit.com/r/meme/comments/cxukrf/be_your_own_sugar_daddy/)

As a loyal fan of these three YouTube channels since 2017, I sincerely hope that you will like them too.

1) The Infographics Show

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/TheInfographicsShow

This channel has sucked so much of my time and I am not even mad at it. You may think that infographics are boring but The Infographics Show will prove you otherwise. They engagingly present their content with animations and jokes, making it easy to understand. Moreover, they have a huge collection of videos so you will be sure to find one that you like.

Screenshot taken from The Infographics Show Youtube Channel

Multiple videos are released daily, and my favorite category is Challenges. The challenges are ridiculous but it does answer some gross questions that you might have. Have you wondered how it will be like not showering for a month? Or using only public toilets for a week? One staff at the company will be issued said challenge and he will have to document his progress. The videos are great because the staff always have funny stories to share. It is either about how furious his girlfriend is at him for attempting these challenges or how the challenges remind him of his time in the military. My favorite will have to be "I Can Use Only Public Toilets For 7 Days". Man watching that video made me realized that I should never take my toilets for granted.

- Spoiler alert - The staff had come up with a game plan for the week and his stops included a 24 hours Starbucks, a 7-Eleven store, Carl's Junior, and the gas station. For a wiz in the middle of the night, the 7-Eleven was his best bet. The video goes on to talk about his struggles: on the second day the Carl Junior across his house closed for good and the toilet at 7-Eleven broke down. Desperate, he decided to do his business in the bushes for the remaining days and hope that he does not get arrested for public urination.

I guess when one is desperate anything goes. (Meme generated from https://imgflip.com/memetemplates)

2) Bestdressed

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/bestdressed

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/best.dressed/

A Youtuber who is not afraid to share her struggles? Check. Videos that will make you smile after the end of a shitty day? Check. Bestdressed is my favorite YouTube channel of all time because it is relatable, the production value is always amazing, and it is all served with a spicy side of dry humor. The genius behind the channel is Ashley. She is a fresh film school graduate who decided to pursue YouTube as a full-time career. The content of her videos revolves around fashion, thrifting, and her opinions on social issues. Her videos regarding fashion and thrifting contain many tips and advice on how to dress better and finding your personal style. Meanwhile, her other videos are about her thoughts and reflections regarding various issues in life which I love very much.

Screenshot taken from Ashley's channel

I find it extremely relatable when Ashley shares her personal issues and insecurities and I suppose it is because we are about the same age. In her videos, she talked about how she felt guilty about taking breaks and forces herself to work all the time. This led her to neglect other her needs and self-care. She also mentioned how she was willing to work and be paid lesser than other freelancers when she was younger because she was unsure of her worth and was scared to speak up. As a teenager going into adulthood, I struggle with self-confidence and self-care. It can be too much to handle on certain days when I am not feeling the best. However, I have always found it soothing to know that I am not alone with the issues that I face. It allows me to understand that my feelings are valid and not because I am unable to control my emotions.

Thanks for being so relatable and acknowledging the problems that I have. (Image sourced from @best.dressed)

I know that there is currently a situation about how her behavior is problematic/ inauthentic. I will not pass any judgment currently because the situation is developing and Ashley has not addressed the issue.

3) Safiya Nygaard

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/safiyanygaard

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/

You may recognize her name because Safiya had worked in Buzzfeed previously. I used to watch Safiya used to work on Ladylike and I enjoyed it so much. It was funny and insightful so when she left to create her channel in 2017, I was elated. I have not watched Buzzfeed for years.

The number of views on Ladylike latest videos agrees with me. (Screenshot taken from Ladylike's channel)

Did you know that you could have a McDonald’s wedding in Hong Kong? Have you ever wondered how was fashion like in the 1950s? Safiya’s channel got you covered as she tries it and reviews them.

Screenshot taken from Safiya's channel

However, her videos are not just about trying out quirky products or experiences. I love that Safiya includes extra information in her videos so her audience can understand the subject matter better. Before reviewing, Safiya will explain the background in depth so that viewers are on the same page as her. I love learning trivia and humor, so her videos are godsent because I get the best of both worlds. One of my favorite Safiya videos is the one about vending machines in Japan. Vending machines play a huge role in Japanese culture and they can be found everywhere selling almost everything.

- Spoiler alert- In her video, Safiya went to various parts of Tokyo to try canned bread, canned hornet larva, spicy snacks, hot soup in a can, and mystery box items from a ~creepy~ vending machine corner! Although I have gone to Japan 5 times, I have only bought drinks from their vending machines and never ordered any peculiar items before.

I love the Royal Milk Tea drink you can get from the vending machines because it is served warm and it feels amazing when drank in winter. (Image sourced from https://chewyourchow.org/2015/01/drinks-of-japan/)

As I cannot understand Japanese, I usually stay on the safe side when ordering items from vending machines. It was so refreshing and interesting to know that there were more to Japanese vending machines than what I knew.


These channels have played a huge role in my life as I have gained not just laughter, but knowledge and comfort from their videos. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the channels that I recommended and if you have any recommendations, do leave a comment to let me know!

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